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Sponsoring a Pet

Sponsorship is a wonderful way to participate in the rescue of homeless, injured or abused animals, even if you cannot take one into your home.

Business sponsors are welcome. For a small investment in advertising dollars, the public exposure and return is great.

When you choose an animal to sponsor, whether as an individual or business, you receive:

  • A framed photograph of the animal acknowledging your sponsorship.

  • Your name on the pet’s crate at all adoption events and fundraising events.

  • Reports on the animal’s recovery progress.

  • Personal visits from the animal if you wish, or appearances at your business’ special events whenever possible.

  • Adopter information if someone applies to adopt the animal, and your choice of the next animal you wish to sponsor.

  • A window or bumper sticker identifying you as a “Friend of Maranatha Farm” and displaying our Lamb of God logo.


A dog may be sponsored for $75 per month, which pays for all annual medical checkups and vaccinations, spay or neuter, heartworm and flea preventions, food, baths, toys and treats.

Animals with special medical needs can be the most rewarding sponsorships. All medical information and decisions are shared with the sponsor, who donates as much as they wish or are able towards the medical bills. More than one person can share sponsorship of these special needs animals.


You may select the animal you wish to sponsor, or we will choose one for you. Puppies and kittens are not normally offered for sponsorship because they usually adopt out so quickly. You are welcome to come out to the Farm to choose your animal, and to visit any time you wish. We also ask that you please pray for your animal’s health and recovery, as well as for the success of our mission to rescue His little helpless ones.

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