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Seniors for Seniors

Seniors for Seniors is a program that matches senior people wanting companionship with an adult or senior pet who needs a home.

Free boarding at Maranatha Farm is included, whenever the senior person wants.  Based on availability.

In the event the senior person becomes unable to care for the pet, it is returned to Maranatha Farm.


No adoption fee is charged for this program but the person must fill out an Adoption Application and qualify the same as an adopter.


The senior adopter:

  • Must be over 60 years of age.

  • May be employed part-time but not full-time.

  • Must be physically capable of controlling and caring for the pet.

  • Must be capable of providing the pet with the necessary level of exercise.

  • Provides food, treats and flea/tick prevention.


Maranatha farm:

  • Accepts the animal back for boarding as needed.

  • Accepts the animal back if the senior person becomes unable to care for it.

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