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Where can we see the animals you have?

You can check out the bottom half of our home page. Sundays we are open from 10 am till 2 pm. If you are driving some distance it's a good idea to call ahead to make certain we haven't been called away to an emergency: (843) 816-6676.

How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

There is a $175 adoption fee for dogs and puppies. This includes the required spay/neuter and all shots, worming, etc. that the animal has had, and a 6-month supply of heartworm prevention. Some older animals are less if we get them already neutered. The adoption fee is fully refundable anytime during the animal's lifetime. Just return the animal for a full refund. Dogs and puppies go out with a 6-month supply of heartworm prevention and an Easy Walk harness or appropriate collar.

What is included when I adopt a puppy?

Your puppy will receive spay or neuter surgery and all vaccinations and wormings needed through the time you get him or her. You are required to get the rest of the shots through your own veterinarian and we follow up to make sure this is done.

Should I still take my puppy to a vet?

We encourage all adopters to have their new pet examined by your veterinarian as soon as possible.

What if my vet finds something wrong with my puppy?

If your puppy has become sick, please bring it back to us immediately. We will nurse it to health for you, absolutely free of charge. We cannot reimburse vet bills. All Maranatha Farm pets are unconditionally guaranteed for life. If you prefer, we will refund your adoption fee upon return of the animal.

I live several hours away from you. Can I still adopt a young puppy or kitten that will need neutering or more vaccinations after I get it?

We would love to be able to accommodate requests like this, but our experience has included many hours of driving to retrieve puppies that did not work out for various reasons. We much prefer adopters give their local shelters a chance first.

What are the requirements for an out-of-town adopter?

A positive vet reference and a home visit by your local humane association or recommendation by your neighbor(s) is required. You would then be required to travel to Maranatha Farm to meet the pet, bring your whole household along including existing pets. WE DO NOT EVER SHIP ANIMALS.


Do you ever ship or transport animals?


I want to surprise my spouse with a new puppy. 

Surprise them with a clown holding balloons. Giving someone a puppy is the equivalent of a mail-order bride. Terrible idea.

I heard you don't like to adopt animals to military people?

We are not anti-military, in fact we are retired Army. But thousands of animals are euthanized in our area every year because they have been abandoned by military owners who leave them behind when they are transferred. We recommend most active duty military people foster or adopt an animal left behind by another military person.

What about unmarried couples, why should marital status have anything to do with getting a dog?

Adopting a pet is often a 15-20 year commitment of time and resources. Animals need stability and security. They need Ozzie and Harriet. Hey, even Ozzie Osborne is married to Sharon. So make a commitment, then come see us.

What else do I get when I adopt from Maranatha Farm?

Lifetime free vacation boarding. Every Maranatha Farm pet is entitled to lifetime free vacation boarding. We are delighted to have them come spend time with gramma and grampa. Reservations are required. Boarding pets are limited to no more than 6 at a time and they stay in our home with our personal dogs and the senior dogs.


Do you get the entire amount when I make a donation, and if so, what do you do with it?

We receive the entire amount of your donation less a very tiny fee from PayPal. We then set aside one-tenth as a tithe which we share with other rescues and foundations which help needy animals with medical costs.


We spend your donations on veterinary medical bills, vaccines and wormers, dog chow, puppy chow, cat food and litter, hay and cedar chips for outdoor lounging areas, pretty much in that order. We do not take any pay for ourselves or even gasoline reimbursements. In fact, most of what we earn from our jobs is spent on caring for the animals of Maranatha Farm.

Why do you require a contract?

Every one of our animals is a "rescue." Some have been badly mistreated, beaten, starved, denied medical care. Some have suffered terrible pain for days or weeks without relief. We feel we owe it to them to do everything we can to ensure they have a good home where they are well-treated for the rest of their lives. The contract lets people know what we consider a good home to be, and it gives us an opportunity to discuss things such as heartworm prevention and use of electronic devices.

How BIG is it going to get?

This is the Number One question we get asked and it actually has the least to do with how suitable the animal will be for your family. Large dogs from the mastiff group are often so laid back they are practically sedentary, whereas tiny terriers can be wall-bouncing terrors. Energy level is much more important than size. Plus it is only rarely in rescue that we are able to observe the parents of a particular animal and be in a position to give an answer to that question anyway. The rest of the time we are guessing.

Can you find a new home for my dog?

Possibly. We will give it our best shot anyway. Send us three good clear digital pictures, an honest description and your complete contact information. We will give you a courtesy listing on our website. Please do us the courtesy of letting us know when you place the animal.

My dog is growling at my toddler and I want to get rid of him. Will you take him?

Sorry, we don't take toddlers but if you put an ad in the paper we bet somebody will.


No really, I need to get rid of this dog but I don't want the county to put him to sleep.

If the county didn't euthanize unwanted pets they would be the state's largest employer. If we took in unwanted pets we would have no room to help sick or injured animals. We will help you with health problems, get you together with a trainer for behavior problems, but we can't take in thousands of animals that people no longer want.

Are you a "no-kill" shelter?

According to HSUS, so-called "no-kill" shelters, which fill up with large aggressive unadoptable dogs and then turn away all newcomers, cause as much suffering than they alleviate. As long as a dog is not aggressive to people it doesn't have much to worry about here, but we do not warehouse aggressive dogs. No dog has a time limit and we do not euthanize just to make room for new dogs. We have plenty of elderly dogs and dogs with special needs here. We try our best to keep them happy. Some dogs turn aggressive if they don't get enough attention. We try to get them into foster care before that happens. You could probably call us a "low kill" shelter.

Why didn't you return my call?

Probably because we couldn't understand your message. We always return every phone call but we have old ears. Please call again and this time speak slowly and clearly so even we can understand. We will call you back.


Do you need people to come out to the farm and help?

YES. Jobs needing help are mowing grass, cutting hay, fixing fences, washing blankies and towels, carrying bags of dog food, and let's not forget scooping up the poop. There's also importance in simple things such as putting a dog on a leash and taking it for a walk. Giving it some hope it might find a home. Socializing puppies is a great job. Come on out to the farm, we will find something for you to do.

A stray cat has had kittens under my porch. Will you take them?

At this time we have limited facilities for cat families, but if you will "foster" them until the kittens are weaned and adopted, we will provide everything they need: FELK testing, food, wormers, litter, vaccinations, spays and neuters. We ask you to handle the kittens each day and socialize them so they will be adoptable, and bring them to our Saturday adoption fairs once they are 6-7 weeks old and eating well. If you will let mama hang around once her babies are all adopted we will spay her for you for free.

My neighbor's dog is chained up outside. They never feed him or give him water and he howls all night. Will you go talk to them?

Only if they request our help. We have no more right to go onto their property and give them grief than you do. You have to call Animal Control and make a complaint. They will not tell your neighbor who called. Beaufort County Animal Control is 255-5010. Jasper County is 726-7519. Both are under-staffed, you may have to call every day. Remain reasonable and persistent, give them an accurate address and eventually they will come out and give your neighbor grief.

Why is the county shelter's adoption fee half what yours is?

The county shelters are supported by your tax dollars. Maranatha Farm receives no public assistance. We encourage adopters to check the county shelters first because those animals may have to be euthanized to make room for new arrivals. And you would be amazed at the cool animals people drop off at shelters.

Our shelter doesn't ever have any puppies.

Sure they do, they just don't have enough volunteers to take pictures and write descriptions and post them on the Internet. Go by the shelter and take a look around.

What is your Freedom Wheels ministry about?

We used to make wheelchairs for handicapped animals and give them to pet owners who needed them and could not afford to buy one. We also accepted old pet wheelchairs, renovated them and passed them on. Unfortunately donations for this ministry did not keep up with the high cost of aluminum and keeping the tools working. We are no longer able to do it. We recommend pet owners contact Eddies Wheels at to purchase a custom fitted wheelchair. Most people can clean out their garage and raise enough with a yard sale to pay for the wheelchair. Local humane societies will often help, and putting out cans with a photo of the animal can bring in the rest.

What's the deal with using electronic devices like shock collars etc for training?

Use it on yourself first. These devices are cruel, they malfunction easily, and they don't work. Hire a trainer or read a book — a 10-year old can train a dog in 15 minutes a day.

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