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We work hard to find forever families for our rehabilitated animals. We take this "matchmaking" very seriously, to make sure that each adoption is a good fit for humans and animals alike. We also ensure that each pet is in good health and ready for their new home before they leave the farm.


With that in mind, we require a thorough adoption process and a set of conditions each adopting family must follow. These rules and conditions are subject to change at any time.

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Adoption fee 


What's included when you adopt a dog from Maranatha 
  • Spay or neuter

  • Vaccinations

  • Microchip

  • Fitting for an Easy Walk harness and leash

  • 1-month supply of dog food

  • Lifetime vacation dog boarding at the farm

Adoption terms and conditions
  • No pet may be adopted as a gift for another person. You may purchase a gift certificate but the recipient must apply and qualify as an adopter.

  • There is a mandatory 24-hour “cooling off” period for all adoptions. You must call us 24 hours after you apply, to activate your application. It will be discarded after 48 hours if not activated.

  • All animals are unconditionally guaranteed for life, and the adoption fee is fully refundable at any time upon return of the animal. We ask you to promise not to ever give the animal to anyone else. We really, really mean this.

  • A home visit and good veterinarian’s reference is required. All dogs already owned by the applicant or living in the same household must be spayed or neutered.

  • Because these animals require a 10-15 year commitment, we are looking for stable adopters who can show ability to care for an animal for the rest of its life. All information you give will be verified. Discovery of any false information terminates the application process.

  • If you are a renter, please verify that you have permission to own a pet before applying. Many landlords require pet deposits of $500 or more per animal.

Download adoption contracts

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